Louisiana Public Broadcasting is proud to offer the documentary companion book, Why Louisiana Ain’t Mississippi… or Any Place Else!, a collaboration with incredible visual documentarian Carol Highsmith and Jay Dardenne, one of Louisiana’s greatest ambassadors.

Filled with over 250 photos taken by Highsmith documenting the people, the places, and the culture of Louisiana, Why Louisiana Ain’t Mississippi… or Any Place Else! is a visual trip across our state, from New Orleans to Natchitoches. "I've been everywhere in America. I've been to all the states and I love them all, don't get me wrong, but Louisiana just knocks them off the block," says Highsmith. "I mean, it's unbelievable what Louisiana has to offer." 

There are also other exciting exclusive gift options to choose from, including a collection of Limited Edition signed photographic prints from Carol Highsmith.

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Carol M. Highsmith has been visually documenting America for more than forty years. She is donating her life’s work to the Library of Congress, where it is preserved in the most historic photo collection on Earth. Thousands of Highsmith’s images from her comprehensive exploration of the fifty states will be available from our national library for the ages. “The most important thing about working with Louisiana Public Broadcasting is that you’re right down my line. I am donating every image I take to the Library of Congress. And what is LPB doing? You give us programming that really, basically, is for the people. It’s a gift. How wonderful.” 

Carol Highsmith talks about life on the road as a photographer/
documentarian and discusses the equipment she used to capture the stunning images featured in the documentary companion book,